Fountain Community Complex

Fountain Community Complex

Project Overview:
Bay County was awarded Nine Million One Hundred Eighty-One Thousand Three Hundred and Eleven Dollars ($9,181,311.00) in CDBG-DR funds for the Fountain Community Complex Project. The project will be leveraged with $885,655.49 that the County will contribute to the construction of this project. In total, the cost of the Fountain Community Complex will be Ten Million Sixty-Six Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-Six Dollars and Fifty Cents. ($10,066,966.50).

This project will replace the condemned East Hiland Fire Station as the area’s primary emergency shelter. The Fountain Complex is to be used as a hardened shelter for residents, deputies, and strike teams during disaster events.

Post-storm, this complex will be used for disaster recovery missions for the residents of Fountain serving as a Long-Term Shelter (if needed), a Business Recovery and Disaster Recovery Center, a Point of Distribution (POD) Site, and a disaster staging site for utility crews in the northern part of the county.

The County plans on constructing a 180’ x 50’ prefab metal hardened building to house the Community/Recreational Center and Sheriff Sub-Station. The Center will house basketball courts, a walking track, and other amenities, meet 150 mph wind loads and meet all local, state, and federal building codes.   The fire station will be a 10,000 square foot brick and mortar facility housing up to eight personnel, an engine, tanker, brush truck and EMS vehicle. 

Restoration of Infrastructure Damaged by Hurricane Michael

A.  Construction will be completed by Bay County Public Works staff, a construction contractor, and a construction inspection and engineering consultant.  The construction contractor and construction inspection and engineering consultant will be procured through a competitive bidding process overseen by the Bay County Department of Public Works.

B.   This project will meet the low- and moderate-income National Objective in that 59.97% (Census Block Data) of the residents within the unincorporated townships of Youngstown and Fountain of Bay County are of low and moderate-income.

   a. Total Beneficiaries: 3,735

   b.  LMI Beneficiaries:   2,240

Project construction does not fall within a FEMA flood zone.

Project Timeline:

RFQ Advertisement                January 2023
Submittal Due Date                February 2023
Evaluations                               February-March 2023
BOCC Meeting for Award        March 2023

Procurement Link: 23-13