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Update September 23, 2016

On October 4, Bay County's draft RESTORE Act Multi-Year Implementation Plan, including 15 project proposals, will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners. The plan can be downloaded (PDF). This Plan is for RESTORE Act Direct Component ("Pot 1") funds that are reserved for Bay County's use. A list and map of the projects and a tally of comments received on the projects (PDF) is available. The draft plan was considered in a public hearing during the Board's July 19 meeting. A 45-day public comment period was then opened. More than 130 comments were received.

The public comments can be downloaded (16 megs, downloads as zipped folder, click on and view each comment as a pdf). The draft plan is also available for viewing at the main Bay County Public Library at 898 W 11th St., Panama City, FL 32401. Additional information is available at Bay County's main RESTORE Act page and this page on the Plan and projects under consideration.

The Plan is being brought back to the Board for consideration of the public comments and to conduct a second public hearing. Approximately $7 million is available for projects. The cost of the 15 proposed projects in the draft Plan exceeds the available funds by approximately $2.5 million. The cost of projects in the Board-approved Plan cannot exceed the funds available, so not all 15 projects will be selected for inclusion in the Plan. The Board will decide which projects to include in the Plan, then approve and submit the Plan to the U.S Department of the Treasury.

The Plan will be considered in a public hearing during the Board's October 4 meeting, which starts at 9 a.m. CT. Public comment will be allowed during the agenda item, limited to 3 minutes per person, no PowerPoints. Project supporters are encouraged to have one person speak for each project, with other supporters standing at the end of the speaking time to show their support.

Update July 20, 2016

At the Bay County Board of County Commissioners meeting of July 19, the Board approved the draft Bay County RESTORE Act Direct Component (Pot 1) Multi-Year Implementation Plan (PDF). Video of the public hearing when the plan was discussed can be viewed under Item 11. A copy of the Plan is available at the main Bay County Public Library, 898 W 11th St., Panama City, FL. A map of all projects can be downloaded. Other materials and maps of individual projects are available on this page.

All 15 proposed projects are included in the draft Plan. The cost of the proposed projects exceeds the available funds. The public will have until 4 p.m. CT, September 2, 2016 to submit comments on the Plan. Email your comments; mailed comments can be sent to RESTORE Act Direct Component:
County Manager's Office
840 W 11th Street
Panama City, FL 32401

After reviewing comments, the Board will decide which of the projects to approve for funding with the available funds, approve the Plan, and send it to the U.S Department of the Treasury for review. After review of the Plan by Treasury, Bay County will prepare Direct Component grant applications for each project.

Documentation / Background

For background information purposes, project proposals as originally submitted by proposers are also provided on this page. The Proposals are listed in order of proposal number. Each proposal has the full proposal file in PDF format (2014-Number Number Number a, you must scroll through the text boxes to read), the main text of the proposal that was exported to a spreadsheet and saved as a PDF (2014-Number Number Number b, easiest to read and print out), and the budget sheet in PDF format (2014-Number Number Number c). However, the project information provided in the Plan represents the official project information.

Exhibits are attached to the end of the full proposal file (2014-Number Number Number a), with the exception of environmental checklists, which are separate files ending in "d" (2014-Number Number Number d). Maps of each proposal are also included (2014-Number Number Number Number m) Proposal presentations from the Bay County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee meeting are posted under the proposal number followed by an "e" (2014-Number Number Number e).

View an online map of the proposed projects.

Proposals Advanced by the BOCC


  1. Bay County RESTORE Act Direct Component Proposals 20150616-1 (PDF)
  2. Bay County RESTORE Act Direct Component Proposals Excel Copy 20150616-1 (PDF)
  3. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-001a Artificial Reef Proposal Full Proposal Final (PDF)
  4. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-001b Artificial Reef Sheet (PDF)
  5. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-001c Budget Artificial Reef (PDF)
  6. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-001d Artificial Reef Proposal Exhibit 3 Checklist (PDF)
  7. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-001e Artificial Reef Proposal Presentation (PDF)
  8. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-001m Artificial Reef Proposal Map (PDF)
  9. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-004a North Bay Wastewater System Water Reuse - Full (PDF)
  10. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-004c Budget North Bay Wastewater System Water Reuse (PDF)
  11. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-004c North Bay Wastewater System Water Reuse Sheet (PDF)
  12. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-006a Bettering Bay Through Science Policy (PDF)
  13. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-006b Bettering Bay Sheet (PDF)
  14. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-006c Budget Bettering Bay (PDF)
  15. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-006e Environ Science and Public Policy Presentation (PDF)
  16. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-006m Bettering Bay Area Map (PDF)
  17. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-00m4 North Bay Wastewater System Map (PDF)
  18. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-011a Outfall Sediment Reduction Projects (PDF)
  19. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-011b PCB Outfall Sheet (PDF)
  20. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-011c Budget Outfall (PDF)
  21. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-011e PCB Outfall Presentation (PDF)
  22. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-011m Outfall Sediment Reduction Map (PDF)
  23. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-016a BC Master Plan and Capital Improvements (PDF)
  24. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-016b Bay Master Plan Sheet (PDF)
  25. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-016c Budget BC Master Plan (PDF)
  26. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-016e Bay Master Plan Presentation (PDF)
  27. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-016m Bay Master Plan Area Map (PDF)
  28. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-017a PCMI Restore Grant Final application (PDF)
  29. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-017b AMI Kids Sheet (PDF)
  30. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-017c Budget AMI Kids (PDF)
  31. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-017e PCMI Restore Act Presentation (PDF)
  32. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-017m1 AMI Kids PC Marine Institute Area Map (PDF)
  33. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-017m2 AMI Kids PC Marine Institute Site Map (PDF)
  34. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-022a East Pass - Full (PDF)
  35. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-022b E Pass Sheet (PDF)
  36. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-022c Budget E Pass (PDF)
  37. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-022e E Pass Presentation (PDF)
  38. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-022m East Pass Map (PDF)
  39. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-026a Bay Technology Initiative Final 20150206 (PDF)
  40. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-026b Bay Technology Initiative Sheet (PDF)
  41. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-026c Budget Bay Technology Initiative (PDF)
  42. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-026d Bay Technology Initiative Exhibit 1 Checklist (PDF)
  1. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-026m Bay Technology Initiative map (PDF)
  2. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-027a Gulf World Marine Institute (PDF)
  3. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-027b Gulf World Sheet (PDF)
  4. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-027c Budget Gulf World (PDF)
  5. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-027e Gulf World Marine Institute 1 (PDF)
  6. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-027m1 Gulf World Marine Institute map (PDF)
  7. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-027m2 Gulf World Marine Institute Response Area Map (PDF)
  8. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-028a Porter Park Improvements 2014 (PDF)
  9. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-028b Porter Park Sheet (PDF)
  10. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-028c Budget Porter Park (PDF)
  11. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-028e Porter Park Presentation (PDF)
  12. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-028m1 Porter Park Area Map (PDF)
  13. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-028m2 Porter Park Site Map (PDF)
  14. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-033a Mid-City Storm Water Project (PDF)
  15. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-033b Mid-City Stormwater Sheet (PDF)
  16. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-033c Budget Mid-City Stormwater (PDF)
  17. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-033e Mid-City stormwater Presentation (PDF)
  18. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-033m1 Mid-City Stormwater map (PDF)
  19. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-033m2 Mid-City Stormwater ownership map (PDF)
  20. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-033m3 Mid-City Stormwater bound points map (PDF)
  21. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-040a ID cause of pollution at Carl Gray Park (PDF)
  22. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-040b ID cause pollution Sheet (PDF)
  23. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-040c Budget ID Cause (PDF)
  24. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-040d ID Cause Propo Exhibit 2 Checklist (PDF)
  25. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-040e ID cause Presentation (PDF)
  26. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-040m Carl Gray ID Cause Study Area Map (PDF)
  27. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-041a Carl Gray Park Boat Ramp (PDF)
  28. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-041b Carl Gray ramp Sheet (PDF)
  29. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-041c Budget Carl Gray ramp (PDF)
  30. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-041e Carl Gray Park ramp Presentation (PDF)
  31. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-041m1 Carl Gray Boat Ramp area map (PDF)
  32. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-041m2 Carl Gray Boat Ramp site map (PDF)
  33. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-043a Port Adventure (PDF)
  34. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-043b Port Adventure Sheet (PDF)
  35. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-043c Budget Port Adventure (PDF)
  36. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-043e Port Adventure Presentation (PDF)
  37. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-043m1 Port Adventure area map (PDF)
  38. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-044a Economic Analysis for project prioritization - Full (PDF)
  39. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-044b Economic Analysis Sheet (PDF)
  40. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-044c Budget Economic Analysis (PDF)
  41. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-044e Economic Analysis Presentation (PDF)
  42. Bay Pre-Proposal 2014-044m1 Economic Analysis area map (PDF)