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Background - Response to Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster

The RESTORE Act was created to help the Gulf of Mexico's environment and economy recover from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and other harmful influences. Signed into law in July 2012, the RESTORE Act (Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States Act) dedicates 80% of all Clean Water Act administrative and civil penalties related to the Deepwater Horizon spill to a Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund.

Funding Through Settlements

Bay County will receive approximately $42 million through the RESTORE Act over about 17 years. The funds are from federal settlements with Deepwater Horizon entities BP, Transocean and Anadarko.

Approved Steps & Proposals

On January 21, 2014, the Bay County Board of County Commissioners approved Resolution 3207 that established the nine-member RESTORE Act Advisory Committee. The Committee drafted a Multi-Year Implementation Plan with criteria to guide the Committee in selecting projects for funding with RESTORE Act funds. After approval of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), the Committee solicited project nominations and public comment. The Committee received and reviewed 47 pre-proposals and approved 22 to advance to the proposal stage through an open, public process. The Committee recommended 14 proposals to the BOCC. The BOCC added a proposal and opened the draft plan and projects for public input. On October 4, 2016, the BOCC approved the Multi-Year Implementation Plan and nine projects and transmitted the plan to the U.S Department of the Treasury.

Advisory Committee Preview

Members of the Bay County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee are:

  • Becca Hardin, representing Bay County Economic Development Alliance
  • Wayne Stubbs, representing Port Panama City
  • Kim Bodine, representing the CareerSource Gulf Coast
  • Dean Dr. Randy Hanna, representing Florida State University Panama City
  • Melissa Thompson, nominated by Comm. Tommy Hamm, District 1
  • Adam Albritton, nominated by Comm. Robert Carroll, District 2
  • Brandon Aldridge, nominated by Comm. William T. Dozier, District 3
  • WC. Harlow, nominated by Chairman Guy M. Tunnell, District 4
  • Jack Bishop, nominated by Comm. Philip Griffitts, District 5

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