Recycling Programs

Improvements & Community Help

Bay County Recycling is working to improve the recycling opportunities for Bay County residents. Without your help, we cannot continue to offer our services to the public.

No Garbage at Recycling Sites

  • Please abide by all posted regulations, and do not leave garbage at recycling drop-off sites.
  • Please do not throw trash in recycling collection containers.
  • Contaminated loads cannot be recycled.


Waste Wi$e Description

Business Waste Reduction: Waste Wi$e is a partnership between the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and your business can help you commit to waste reduction, cost avoidance and recycling programs that really work. These are tried and true projects, programs and ideas free to you.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns, please call Bay County Recycling at 850-236-2211 or email us.